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The Distinctive Quality of FIFA 17 Players

Le 27 septembre 2016, 09:47 dans Humeurs 0

Hey guys, so I've been reading a lot of threads commenting on worries that players will feel the same, especially informs of high end players not having much of a difference.


While I agree that this is true, and buying a TOTY Ronaldo will be almost useless to buy when you consider the marginal benefits for the price you pay, I wanted to bring attention to a different point. Just to preface, what I'm saying is mostly a combination of my personal observations combined with what I've read on forums/FUT websites, and I can't prove any of it until EA releases something as a statement. But I prove that our site provide fifa 17 coins cheap for all FIFA fans and players.


The importance of traits


Most players that stand out in FIFA do so because of a combination of their stats, SM/WF, and what traits they have. For some reason, the traits seem to be overlooked way too often. Keep in mind, traits are different from specialities, which is just something that is given when the player has a combination of a certain stat(s) (like Complete Forward or Clinical Finisher).


Have you ever wondered why players like Lewandowski, even when you have a TOTS turn like a tank, despite the high agility? It's because the best forwards/midfielders (in-game) usually have speed dribbler, or technical dribbler traits, which makes their dribbling a lot smoother. Sure, agility, balance, and the dribbling stat will help, but from my experience, players without those traits will never feel as smooth on the ball.


Same goes for stuff like positioning versus having the "Tries to beat defensive line" trait. The circlejerk for striker Reus was off the charts in FIFA 15, but it also helped that his card had tries to beat offside trap and the long shot taker trait, both of which he lost in FIFA 16. This year, he gained a bunch of traits, plus the fact that they probably used his movement and did a lot of work with him, will most likely make him play amazing.


Usually players who have unique animations seem to stand out as well (Courtois in FIFA 15, Neymar last year, alongside Messi and Ronaldo), besides for obvious stats. You can usually see this by looking at the body types in SoFIFA, where in some cases their body type will just be their name. This leads me think the four candidates for the cover star will play superbly (and so far to my experience, have been superb). I haven't tried Reus, but Hazard, James, and Martial were all amazing in the demo and the trial.


Of course there's players who don't have a bunch of traits, but are still great, like Griezmann last year. But if you look at most players universally considered amazing, like Dybala in 16, Chikhaoui in 15, etc., they usually have a bunch of traits in addition to their stats/SM/WF. Remember how Ramires seems to be up everyone's dickhole making every tackle you attempt from everything despite an okay defensive stat? He had a dives into tackles trait, which if you compare with other players who have that trait, seem to have an added boost to their tackling stats. Combined with high aggression, it makes for a great defensive player. It's possible that there's something else that makes these players feel better than their stats would suggest, but from what I've noticed, traits do correlate very well.


Obviously we don't know what some traits do, and others like "1 club player" are irrelevant to the way we play, but it'll be a good thing to keep an eye out for. Also, there are some new traits out in FIFA 17, like backs into player and target forward, which will be interesting as well.

Why to Buy FIFA 17 Fitness Coaches

Le 12 septembre 2016, 08:26 dans Humeurs 0

Should I Buy FIFA 17 Fitness Coaches? Many FIFA fans have this question. Now I will give you some advice, if you need more information or fifa 17 points, welcome to our site.


Unless you have an awesome budget, your players'fitness management shouldn’t be done with fitness cards. If you’re a very good manager, the fitness coaches won’t do much. The recommended way is to take advantage of the players'natural fitness restoration: every time they spend a match on the bench, their fitness is restored. It’s important to note that the fitness coaches have nothing to do with this natural restoration. Having more of them won’t speed up the process.


Fitness cards may be consecutively applied to a player until he reaches 99. That’s why fitness coaches can only be useful from an economic standpoint. If you want to play all the time with your best eleven players, you will need to apply fitness cards and it could be a good idea to hire a few fitness coaches.


For people that usually restore their players'fitness individually, fitness coaches are really not a helpful option. Since most players start using individual fitness cards when it’s around 80 to 90, a simple bronze fitness card is enough and it can be bought for 150 coins. In this case, the fitness coaches'bonus will have no use. They’ll only have some use for people that want to restore more than 20 points. Even in these cases, the gains are almost insignificant and the investment will only pay off if one applies around 160 fitness cards.


General rule, applying squad fitness cards is slightly better than doing it with individual ones when it comes to amounts of fitness restored. In these situations, having a few fitness coaches in the club can bring you some advantages. And yet, for an average investment of 4.000 coins to reach 50% of bonus, you’ll need to use around 40 rare squad fitness cards in order to start getting return.

Why Some Ratings are So Skewed?

Le 8 septembre 2016, 08:58 dans Humeurs 0

Can someone explain why some ratings are so skewed? Pique at 86? Messi 89 pace? Why? And I think I should share this cheap fifa 17 points store to everyone.


Answer 1: Pique being at 86 is unfair, but what can you do.


Messi being 89 pace isn't an issue if you've watched him play. He's not as fast as he was in 2010/2011. They just screwed it up by downgrading him undeservedly and disgracing his passing yet again. It's also bemusing how they didn't downgrade Ronaldo's pace either and why he got an upgrade(him being 94 is his highest ever base rating and last season clearly wasn't his best season).


Answer 2: 


The one thing that high rated cards mean is that they'll be harder to pull from packs, therefore more expensive than they were in FIFA 16.


Everyone's so happy that their favorite high profile player got a massive upgrade, but I'd much rather have an 87 rated TOTS Eremenko than an absurd 94 rated TOTS ?zil.


Busquets stats are disgustingly poor for a 87 rated card. Same thing happens with several other players.

On to your question:


Barcelona's players have always been pretty in their stat distribution. FIFA's Barcelona is a much worse team than FIFA's Real Madrid. FIFA's Dortmund is arguably on par if not better than FIFA's Bayern Munich.

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