Can someone explain why some ratings are so skewed? Pique at 86? Messi 89 pace? Why? And I think I should share this cheap fifa 17 points store to everyone.


Answer 1: Pique being at 86 is unfair, but what can you do.


Messi being 89 pace isn't an issue if you've watched him play. He's not as fast as he was in 2010/2011. They just screwed it up by downgrading him undeservedly and disgracing his passing yet again. It's also bemusing how they didn't downgrade Ronaldo's pace either and why he got an upgrade(him being 94 is his highest ever base rating and last season clearly wasn't his best season).


Answer 2: 


The one thing that high rated cards mean is that they'll be harder to pull from packs, therefore more expensive than they were in FIFA 16.


Everyone's so happy that their favorite high profile player got a massive upgrade, but I'd much rather have an 87 rated TOTS Eremenko than an absurd 94 rated TOTS ?zil.


Busquets stats are disgustingly poor for a 87 rated card. Same thing happens with several other players.

On to your question:


Barcelona's players have always been pretty in their stat distribution. FIFA's Barcelona is a much worse team than FIFA's Real Madrid. FIFA's Dortmund is arguably on par if not better than FIFA's Bayern Munich.